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Australian History Curriculum @HISTORY Scope

@History Scope

The Australian History Curriculum Website @History provides students and teachers with up-to-date well-researched digital history resources for 'The Making of the Modern World' 1750 to 1918.

The main features of this digital resource will be to provide students and teachers with:

  1. A fully integrated and cross-referenced digital resource that can be accessed from the Australian History Curriculum Website @History at school or at home.
  2. An attractive format rich in pictures, maps and diagrams that can be accessed on computers, tablets and phones or projected onto an interactive whiteboard system.
  3. A structured approach to historical knowledge and understanding.
  4. Original text based on current historical scholarship.
  5. The reproduction of, or links to a wide variety of source material.
  6. The careful selection of external websites to focus student research.
  7. Source materials and appropriate websites embedded within the historical text enabling students to move seamlessly between different sites and back to the website.
  8. Structured research projects for each topic.
  9. Numerous Extension Studies scattered throughout the course.
  10. A platform for self-directed independent learning.

The primary focus of these digital resources is to 'fill the gap' in the traditional Year 9 History Course by focusing on those areas that are new to the National History Curriculum such as :

  1. The Industrial Revolution
  2. Progressive Ideas and Movements
  3. Slavery
  4. The 19th Century histories of China and Japan
  5. Imperialism

Greater emphasis has also been placed on an Aboriginal perspective and the role of individuals in 'The Making of the Modern World'.

These resources are not confined to Junior High School. Those schools that have used the site since 2015 have also accessed topics for all years and Depth Study 3 on 'World War I' has proved popular with Senior Modern History. Most schools are using the Overview Studies as a general history of the 19th Century and The Industrial Revolution and Progressive Ideas (especially 'The Campaign for Women's Equality') are probably the most popular topics of the whole site. 'Darwinismz', from Progressive Ideas and Movements has also been used by Science classes and the Extension Study on Marxism by Society and Culture students and Extension History students.

These digital resources can be used as a self-contained entire Year 9 course or used to supplement more traditional history textbooks.

All major areas of study have :

  1. An Introductory Overview
  2. Original text (narrative, explanation and analysis at general and extension levels)
  3. Source material
  4. Structured Research Projects
  5. Embedded links to relevant websites
  6. Suggestions for teaching and recommended reading.

Most Topics have Extension Studies structured to meet the needs of more able and interested students.

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